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Tinqu Mar
Welcome to our new friends from Ducimus!!!
Woot, VG and Phoenix Knights got a shout out at the SOELive keynote address
i miss all of you terribly!!!
those porn sites are wicked Arca..LOL
sorry for disappearing as i logged in - my computer crashed and then wouldn't restart ;_; (arca)
Tinqu Mar
storms fired my power supply in my desktop and power keeping blinking on and off GRRRRRR
Tinqu Mar
yep.. all is ok and as of 8am power was on... we will see if it says on
Tinq everything ok down there, except for the power outage? You guys ok?
Tinqu Mar
ok... power was off and on this AM... lets hope it stays ON!!!
Tinqu Mar
Ok bad storms we have been without power for 3 hrs nd maybe until tomorrow at 5-6pm
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Welcome to Phoenix Knights of 3305

From the ashes we have risen,
to fight for the Kings and Queens of Telon!

We are an active guild on the Telon Server of Vanguard: Saga of Heroes.  Made up of a core group of high level players, our goals are to tackle everything that Vanguard has to offer from Isle of Dawn to Isle of Garuzamet, Hunters League, Plains of Anguish, Ancient Port Warehouse, Pantheon and beyond.  Most importantly, we are a group of folks who enjoy each others company and play to have fun.  When we raid, we are organized and efficient, but not in a way that it feels like a job. We are a mature guild; this is not a place for children or those easily offended.


We are a small guild, for now, with desires to grow.  We are not so small that we can't field a raid force, nor so large that we won’t work or play well with others. We raid together, we group together, we get to know each other.  Each member of the horde has strengths that they bring to the guild as we help each other, be that adventuring skills, crafting, diplomacy or raid tactics and strategies.  New pledges to the Horde will work with our Honor Guard to learn the guild and find their place in it.


Where does Phoenix Knights rise again???

Tinqu Mar, Jan 26, 14 9:59 AM.
As we see the Sunset on Vanguard on July 31st. We would like to find a home for the guild. if you have any ideas please let the leadership know.  If you try something and like it let Tinqu know the game and server name so she can post it here.

Games so far:

Tera Rising - Ascension Valley Server

Welcome to our new friends from Ducimus!!

Tinqu Mar, Sep 30, 13 1:46 PM.
Please extend a warm welcome to members of the Ducimus and congrats to Phorty on joining the Phoenix Knights officer corps!

We are excited about this joining of forces  - Now lets get out and kill things!!!

We are Phoenix Knights of 3305

Rufin, Jan 21, 10 7:59 AM.
Phoenix Knights of 3305

GL's Tinqu, Rufin, Torsyn, Workhorse and Raelag

Officers: Daryal, Terane, Khaghabal, Maizrim, Aztryx, Phorty 
Junior Officers: Kaede,Gypsyrising
Website(s) - Make sure to check the forums for raid information, quest info and strategies.

Vent - New vent information is in the guild MOTD in game.

If you have any questions please catch us in game or vent.
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